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  • God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense

    Imagine a lottery that has a jackpot of One Nonillion Dollars. (What’s a nonillion? Glad you asked! A Nonillion is a 1 followed  30 zeros....

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  • Redefining Our Competitors

    by Erin Bird I sat down with the insurance agent to finalize our car & home owners insurance – and his words shocked me. LeAnn...

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  • Cain

    Nausea. Guilt. Shame. A swell of  un-experienced emotions overwhelmed him as he ran. Before this moment, his emotions were mostly a mix of anger and frustration....

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  • When Not Being Better Is Better

    by Erin Bird At least once a week, when I walk into the Men’s locker room at The W, the TV is tuned to a...

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