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  • building_peace

    Building Peace to Find Peace

    Last Sunday’s chilly morning temps may have forced us inside the High School, but it was still a great morning! I hope you are “being...

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  • how_to_see_God

    How to See God

    I don’t know about you, but I had a blast last Sunday, worshipping Jesus with so many of you, sharing from the Scriptures, and honoring...

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  • receive_mercy_image

    How to Receive Mercy

    We are continuing in our walk through the Beatitudes here on the blog. This week we come to verse 7, which reads: “Blessed are the...

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  • when_the_hungry_are_satisfied

    When the Hungry are Satisfied

    by Erin Bird Today, we continue our walk through the Beatitudes here on the blog. We are ready for verse 6 in Matthew 5, which reads… “Blessed...

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