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  • when_the_hungry_are_satisfied

    When the Hungry are Satisfied

    by Erin Bird Today, we continue our walk through the Beatitudes here on the blog. We are ready for verse 6 in Matthew 5, which reads… “Blessed...

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  • when_meek_is_strong

    When Meek is Strong

    by Erin Bird Hello there! Today, we continue our series on the blog about The Beatitudes. I invite you to take a couple minutes to...

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  • when_sad_is_good

    When Being Sad is Good

    If you missed last Sunday’s Worship Gathering – wow, you missed a good one! If you were there, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your voice singing out to...

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  • When Being Poor is Really Rich

    When Being Poor is Really Rich

    by Erin Bird I grew up in 80s, when opposites were the trend. For instance, guys wore mullets (“business up front, party in the back!”), while girls...

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