Meet some of our leadership

Despite some people’s experience, church is not supposed to be a contact sport. But it is supposed to be a team sport!

Here is the team God has currently put together for Riverwood to help lead our church family to invite the spiritually disconnected to find & follow Jesus...


Vision & Teaching

Despite the spelling of his first name, Erin really is a guy. He's been married since 1994 to his best friend, LeAnn. Together, God has blessed them with 4 amazing children (two girls and two boys), one son-in-law, and two "adopted" daughters (sisters from Belize who came to America to study at Wartburg and W-SR High School).

When given the chance, Erin enjoys dating his wife, talking with his daughters, reading & playing with his boys, "working" on his iPhone, swimming at The W, playing piano from time to time, watching Nebraska football, rooting for the Royals, drinking hot tea (laced with cayenne pepper and honey), and watching God work in the lives of people around him.

Lastly, Erin thinks it's strange to be writing this bio in third person.

You can connect with Erin online on Twitter or Facebook.


Worship Gatherings

Jeff was born and raised in Southern Illinois before moving north to Springfield. While working for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Jeff realized he was supposed to be in full-time vocational ministry, so he headed to seminary in Kansas City. There he met his forever teammate, Lynel. They got hitched in 2000 and have been making music together ever since.

Jeff loves to brag about marrying a "cougar." (Lynel is 9 days older.) God has given them three beautiful girls– Haley Faith, Brynna Grace, and Roslyn Joy. Their oldest daughter, Haley, was "not supposed to survive" the pregnancy, but God clearly had other plans.

Jeff loves spending time with his wife and daughters. (He finds it challenging to date four girls at one time, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.) Music is Jeff’s life. He plays multiple instruments (but not at the same time… although he would try!) Jeff and Lynel love watching movies, drinking coffee, playing games, watching football, drinking coffee, eating pretty much anything, and did we mention drinking coffee? Most of all, they enjoy telling their story, sharing the love of Jesus, and watching Him work in others.

To meet some of our other fantastic leaders and people,
visit us on a Sunday morning, 10:00 am at the Waverly Area Veterans Post.